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Daughters of Triumph

Daughters of Triumph


Daughters of Triumph


"Walking by Faith: My Faith Story" - Returning home from Afghanistan... I did not know how to process nor deal with the emotions and anxiety from my deployment nor the emotional and physical trauma my son was subjected to while I was deployed. I was angry, while I'm fighting for our country my son is fighting for his life.


The solution to my trauma was to suppress the issues and I did for years. Unfortunately, they resurfaced. I could remember only wanting to feel normal again, the way I felt before Afghanistan.


One night while my husband was deployed, I started having an anxiety attack, I was scared but had enough. I refused to give the enemy my life. I was ready to fight. I laid prostrate on a black rug in my family room (I still own this rug) and cried out to God. I cried, prayed and cried some more, like never before. My husband kept me lifted in prayer even from afar. I knew God wanted to hear my cry. So, I cried out! I laid hands on myself. When I got up, my throat was sore, but God answered my prayer, and I was supernaturally healed!


I walk by faith not by sight. 


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