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Champions In The Ring

Champions In The Ring


"The Power of Intimacy with God" - In 2014, the side effects of what I endured at war came crashing down. My temple was engulfed by migraines, neck and back pain, blurred vision, palpitation, anxiety, depression and more.


One night, while my husband was deployed and our son was in his room asleep, I began to have another anxiety attack. My immediate response was to call an ambulance, as I have done many times before. I was fed up, exhausted and ready to fight by this time. I thought I was fighting the enemy, but it seemed he was getting the best of me. It was a knock-down, drag-out kind of fight. He wasn't giving up and I wasn't either. I thought I was going to lose my mind! That's when I knew I had to come up higher in my walk in Christ.


I could not stay at the level I was on. I could no longer allow the enemy to play with my mind, telling me I would not wake up and I would die in my sleep. If I was going to win this fight, I had to forfeit everything I thought I knew and give God complete control over my life.


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