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A Solider's Story: Strength Despite Adversity

A Solider's Story: Strength Despite Adversity


A Soldier's Story: Strength Despite Adversity


SFC Tomika Prouty, USA Ret., is an overcomer! Diagnosed with PTSD after a tour of duty to Afghanistan, she returned with depression, anxiety, anger, and more. She was constantly on high alert. Despite the fact, every small noise scared her and every car that backfired had her running for cover, she suppressed her issues to focus on the trauma her son endured while she was deployed. It was a long road to recovery, yet she credits her faith in the LORD for her strength to persevere through the adversities of life. She hopes that you are encouraged and strengthened by her story of faith, hope, and love. Sincerely, a must-read.


Rated 4.7 Stars on Amazon Kindle


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